torsdag 6 augusti 2009

Out of CDs

We are now out of CDs. We still have zines left so if you want one of those get in touch at the email address below.

You can download the cd here and burn it on a CD-r: (thanks to Lukinzine for the rip).

torsdag 28 maj 2009

Umeå Punk City

Ok, we've printed 8000 copies of the first issue of the magazine Umeå Punk City. 27x35 cm, 80 pages & full color. Interviews with about 30 of the active punk bands in Umeå, and a CD with one song per band. It's written in english, cause we will distribute it worldwide.

We got all expenses covered by grants, so zine and the CD will be distributed for free. We will spread it over the world with touring punk bands. Touring bands playing in Umeå will get a bunch to spread out on the rest of the tour, and bands from Umeå going on tour will also get as much as they can carry. We will also send out zines to punk distros all over the planet. They will send free copies with the orders they get. Record shops will also get zines. If you have a distro/record shop/have lots of punk friends, and would like to recieve a bunch of free zines & CDs, get in touch at

If you want to order directly from us, it will be 40 SEK postage paid for within Sweden. More for other countries. This will include one zine and one CD. Email for further instructions.

// Rickard

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